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Thermax CP5

The Thermax CP5 is an industry proven performer, built to endure the most demanding carpet and upholstery extraction cleaning applications. Constructed in a portable footprint easily operated by one individual, the CP5 is designed to attain the highest level of professional cleaning results!


  • 3 year replacement parts warranty
  • Powerful two-stage vacuum motor for increased recovery speed and quicker drying time (112" water lift).
  • Built-in 1800 watt solution heating system for uniform temperature control (up to 175°).
  • 5-Gallon hygienic stainless steel solution and recovery tanks.
  • High-impact, chemical resistant housing with conditional lifetime warranty - virtually indestructible.
  • 100 psi high-efficiency demand solution pump.
  • Multi-option wand and hose packages for vacuum and extraction versatility.


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